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298,00 €  tax incl.


Awards and merits:

- "Best Ibérico Ham" award. Taste and Quality International Institute.

Unit Size: 7Kg 
D.O. Jabugo.

Type: Ibérico Acorn



Ham of pure Ibérico pig. A delicious and healthy product that is part of the mediterranean diet. Elaborated with a selection of the best pure Ibérico pigs bred in freedom in the dehesas of the iberian peninsula. The pigs get an exceptional care along their whole life, which impact directly in the excellence of the final product.

The ham, once carved up and after a salting process, starts a long and delicate curation process in the natural larders of Sanchez Romero Carbajal in Jabugo. The microweather of the area, declared Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, gathers conditions that make it specially appropriate for the paused and correct curation of each piece. The natural larders nestled in the heart of the Aracena mountain range and the Aroche mountains confers to the ham colour, aroma and taste along more than 25 months aproximately duration of curation of each piece. A high quality and prestige product, with taste, aroma and texture peerless.