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Ramon Franco - Gourmet Box 12 cans of pickled mussels with Olive Oil. Large size. 7/10 units.

103,57 €  tax incl.


Awards and merits:

-This canning company have the quality certicate ISO 9001 since March of 2013
-Preserves artisans since 1960.

Source: Ria de Arousa.
Type: Mollusks


The luxury of the exclusive.

Only de Galician mussel from Arosa, (Mytilus galloprovincialis) that grows up in the hatchery of these canning producers, is the one used for the delicatessen of this company.
In the water of the sea inlet, the mussels grip to the ropes which hung on punts. Out in the land, the slow growth, which is patiently watch along two years, will give as result excellent specimens.
Their growth is checked day to day and from the sea to the can the origin of each piece is known with certainty.

It is presented into a gold and black case to carefully pumper the jewel of the house: The pickled Galician mussel with a soft olive oil frying.
Twelve cans of large mussel, betwen seven and ten units per can, cooked as fresh and delicately packed the same day that the boats took them out of the sea.