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Beher - Field Bait Ham 100% Iberian

237,00 €  tax incl.


Awards and merits:

- Special award in the hams section at IFFA 2013,

- Honor award to the best company

- 22 gold and silver medals for their products.

Unit Size: from 7 to 8 kg. approx
Origin: Salamanca
Type: Field bait
Curing period: 24/26 months


This piece is obtained from the Ibérico pig hind limbs, feeded in freedom at their farms with the best selection of cereals until reaching about 170 Kg. After a curation process with painstaking care in a natural way from 24to 26 months, resulting to a long and stylized piece (80-90 cm) with thin leg (indicative of the purity of the breed and its stay in the countryside during all its breeding) and golden tones external fat that denote its natural feeding.

*The product presentation may not correspond with one shown on the picture above