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Gladium Beer, 2 balck cases with 2 bottles of 33cl. hand built and coated.

74,00 €  tax incl.


Awards and merits:

-Auteur beer, a personal concept with which manage to create a truly Super Premium beer.
-A Unique, original and exclusive beer of its kind, a new variety that they call Ferus Lager.

Volume: 33cl.x2
Varietal: Ferus Lager.
Unit Price: 37€


The Gladium Portus Magnus brand was born after several years of work, effort and dedication to achieve a specific objective, the development of beer which really breathes quality and exclusivity. The recipe is self-created, one of the bases of the authenticity of the brand.
They use unique ingredients for their brand, giving the beer a special profile and structure by uniting wild liquid yeast and liquid lager yeast.
Pioneers in fusing the two concepts to make a difference and offer a beer that achieves meet consumer expectations.
To the innovation of yeast, organic malts and hops, they add outstanding quality that is vital to provide healthy products.
The conception of this brand is to differentiate itself, in a tangible way, of industrial beers and standard craft beers. They make their products with raw material of high quality and professionally.