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VERDE ESMERALDA RED DIAMOND, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (6 bottles of 500ml)

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Awards and Merits:

2013 - Best appearance Gourmet Fair Madrid.

2013 - The internacional competition extra virgin oil(Los Angeles-USA)

2013 - Gold Medal Winner- Picual Strong, New York International competition olive oil MYC, USA.

2013 - Green Medium fruity Certified, A.U.PA. Gourmet, France.

2014 - International olive oil competition. China oil Award

2014 - Gold Medal in the international contest of extra virgin olive oil ” OLIVE JAPAN”

- Great Golden prestidge in the international contest of extra virgin olive oil“TERRAOLIVO”

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D.O.: Úbeda, Jaén.


Is an olive oil of grand value and his principal characteristic is the fresh fruity and sweet aroma. His taste is soft and no aggressive for palate. In nose has an intense mature fruity with essences of mature fig and banana. In addition, all his organoleptic characteristics (taste and odor) remain intact when packaged unfiltered.


The fruit is harvested with the greatest care. The crop is generally harvested between October 10 and 30, depending on the year and the development of the fruit. Due to the fact the month of October registers daytime temperatures which are often in excess of 30° C; the fruit is picked at night to ensure the temperature from picking the fruit to the extraction of the juice remains under 20° C. Producing the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not merely a technique; it is a spiritual ritual. Ensuring the product is not subjected to thermal fluctuations and is kept at the right temperature from the picking of the fruit to the extraction of the juice.


The technical process of obtaining extra virgin olive oil is carried out in different machines which process milling, mixing, horizontal and vertical spin centrifugation was performed. After this process were the oil filter filters last generation where we got a perfect polishing final product. After this process the extra virgin olive oil is stored in a proper warehouse and nitrogen injection (absence of oxygen) temperature to preserve the best qualities of a unique product.