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Real fabrica de Cristales de la Granja -2 cups " Borgoña smooth"

118,00 €  tax incl.


Awards and merits:

The prestige of the glassware from La Granja is reached when Felipe V gave to the Glass Factory the status of a Royal Manufacture. Since then it has maintained the quality of the prime material with a carefully handmade manufacturing.

APPROX SIZE: 1 9 cm x Ø 1 0 cm
APPROX WEIGHT: 300g / Unit

Unit price: 59€

NOTE: Shipping term of this item will be 15 working days approximately since each piece is unique and manufactured under order.


Balloon glass with balustered stem. The generous proportions of the bowl make this the perfect glass for enjoying the subtle aromas of the most discerning of spirits. The wide bottom allows the glass to be cupped in the hand, thus warming the liquor.

These are unique pieces which have been hand­blown by master craftsmen of the Royal Glass Factory La Granja in keeping with the traditional techniques used in the XVIII century.

Handmade glass has a number of manufacturing features which make each piece unique. Each item is not part of a series, but has been handmade by a master craftsman, using a historical mould and the same techniques employed by his predecessors in the Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja. The finished articles are individually produced and may contain certain irregularities due to the manual nature of the work. These should not be considered defects in any manner, but as unique and integral parts of the object.