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Pine nuts TERESA MATE, 3 bags with 3 jars of 100g - Sweet, salty and natura flavour.

96,00 €  tax incl.



Awards and merits:

Member of the association of food Artisans of Castilla y Leon

Affiliated to the brand "Tierra de sabor"

Unit Price: 32 €

Origin: Pedrajas de San Esteban (Valladolid)



The Iberian pinion is the seed of Pinus pinea or "Pino Piñonero" and is mainly in the Iberian Peninsula.
The Pinus Pinea pine needs about 20 years to be productive, and will remain so for up to 75-100 years. It is characterized by its fine quality, flavor and aroma, which are due to the presence of aromatic compounds in the resin.
Pine nuts are true sources of health because their proteins are rapidly assimilated because they contain high amounts of sodium, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium, essential for growth of the organism.
The pine nuts extraction is made naturally in the hot sun. This allows not lose their properties and prevents burns to bake, which gives a golden and exquisite appearance.